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MO Auto add terms for Drupal

Automatically assign terms to your Drupal nodes

MO Auto-Add Terms Logo MO Auto add terms is a PHP module for Drupal 6.x.

Whenever you create a taxonomy that the users can grow, that taxonomy will evolve as time passes. There are multiple ways to handle this. The simple but quite tedious way is to edit all your nodes each time one or more terms are added to the taxonomy. Another is to have a complete taxonomy from the start and make sure to assign words as required each time you add new nodes. It is more than likely that you will miss many words in both cases.

MO Auto-add terms settings screen.The best solution is to have a module that can handle the work for you. This module will search for the words in your node and assign them to the node vocabulary automatically. Whether the taxonomy is grown as you go or is a pre-existing taxonomy, it will for sure index the pages by the words found in the vocabulary.

The MO Auto add terms will do just that and not only with nodes that you newly create or edit, but retroactively to all your nodes! If you have a website with 10,000 nodes and someone adds the term Yellow for the first time. Assuming that you rarely mention the color Yellow, it is found in only 1% of your site. That means 100 nodes uses the word Yellow. After a little while, MO Auto add terms will find all of these 100 nodes and link them to the new term, all automatically.

Note that we hope that once you understand how to make the best out of all the features available in this module, you start understanding how powerful a tool it is to help you with your SEO and other important aspects of a website. The MO Auto add terms module can be used to generate the terms to add to your page header (i.e. keywords). The terms to be used to search for your products by color, sizes, shape, materials, and any other attribute. Having things linked together the way the terms links pages together helps search engines such as Google to group your products in a sensical manner.

Technical Features:

  • Download MO Auto-Add Terms from Drupal
  • Supported platforms:
    • All platforms that support PHP 5+ with Drupal 6.x
      (Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac OS/X, SunOS, HP UX, etc.)
  • Required modules: Taxonomy
  • Optional modules:
    • CRON feature (highly recommended, can be turned off in the settings)
    • Trigger for minimum/maximum events
  • Used by Turn Watcher!™ and this very site (see our Site Index)
  • Capable of pre-processing the node before parsing it for terms.
  • Support the hiding of the taxonomy edit boxes in the node/add and node/%/edit forms1.
  • Minimum limit, if less that that many terms are attached to the node, an event is generated.
  • Maximum limit, if specified, only use the top terms (those that are used the most on your page.) Resolve ties by keep all the terms that are on a tie and triggering an event when the maximum limit is overrun.
  • Search longer terms first so composed terms can be found first and simple terms are thus not attached to the node2
  • Accept equivalents to support plurals and conjugated forms of verbs (i.e. "have" can have "hast", "has", "had", "I'm", "hadn't", "haven't" as equivalents.)
  • Synonyms can be used as equivalents.
  • Add all the parents of the terms found in the node.
  • Select the parents of the terms found in the node, but not the actual terms.
  • Constrain the automation to a restrained set of content types instead of all the content types attached to the taxonomy.
  • Control offered to define the list of characters that shall be removed before the processing starts (by default, most punctuation is transform in a space or -- that will not match any term.)
  • Ignore terms on a term by term basis.
  • Package includes complete source code.
  • Detailed documentation for users and developers.
  • Read the April 2010 press release.

Note: Version 1.0 has been removed because it would delete the taxonomy items of all the taxonomies before adding those of the taxonomies marked as MO Auto add terms. It is suggested that you use the newest version at all time.

Known Issues

Hide vocabulary

It has been reported that the "Hide vocabulary" feature of our module does not work properly when certain other modules are also installed (most certainly Hierarchical Select Taxonomy, although others may have side effects too.)

In order to fix the problem, increase the weight of the MO Auto add terms module until the feature works again. It seems 2 makes it work.

Upgrade to MO Auto add terms version 1.10

If you had an older version of MO Auto add terms and are upgrading to version 1.10, you may need to run the /update.php script even though your report form does not tell you to do so. This will ensure that the new trigger menu appears. There is no need to run the update script otherwise.

  • 1. This feature is as granular as the taxonomy and node type, i.e. you can hide your Tags taxonomy on your Pages, but keep it visible on your Story forms.
  • 2. Say you have three terms: "Red Carpet", "Carpet" and "Red." If you only mention "Red Carpet" in your page, then you probably only want the term "Red Carpet" attached to your node and not the other two. This feature does exactly that. It will first match "Red Carpet," remove it from the source, then try to match "Carpet" and "Red" which will fail.


Works great!

I use MO auto add terms on an intranet site that receives a lot of content through email. MO Auto add terms installed quickly and easily, integrated smoothly into a complex Drupal installation, and does everything I wanted from it and more. Thanks for this helpful module!

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